Rethinking Connectedness from Past to Future: An Archaeological Perspective on the Covid-19 Pandemic..

Opinion piece on the future after COVID-19 for the “Call for Inspiration” from the Jonge Academie. To be published in Maja.

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The Covid-19 pandemic has dramatically impacted lives across the globe and will have lasting effects for years to come. How can we as archaeologists reflect on these changes and inform our understanding of their implications for the future? If we are to understand how to properly address this situation or future ones like it, we need to consider the implications of connectedness on multiple scales, that is, interactions and exchanges between people, groups, societies, and states across the globe. Can we use the past to gain new insights on how to act during and after a pandemic?


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Dries Daems
Dries Daems
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I am an archaeologist with a Ph.D. from University of Leuven. My research interests include social complexity, urbanism, artisanal production, and human-environment interactions through computational modeling and pottery studies.